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  1. Bedugul is one of Bali’s tourism places which offers natural beauty of the lake. Bedugul area is part of the regency of Tabanan and is approximately 70 km or 2,5 hours from the International Airport, Ngurah Ra. It is located on the plateau, that’s why this area is always covered by the mist and the air is very cold. the scenery is very wonderful with a lake which is surrounded by mountains. This lake has a height of 1231 m above sea level, have an area 3.8 km2 and a maximum depth of 22 meters, the lake volume is 0.049 km3. The water of lake’s condition is good and the color is clear green because of the water plants which grow in the bottom of the lake and there is no rubbish on the surface of lake. The sky above the lake is covered by cloud on the day or night, the air feels so cool with the fragrance of incense from the temple. Sometimes, there are some musicians around the lake who sing special music to entertain the visitors. This lake also allows visitors to tour the water, such as jet skiing, parasailing, fishing, canoeing, water skiing, or just ride around the lake by boat.

    Estu Pujiastuti

  2. The Beautiful Of Bedugul

    Bedugul is one of Bali’s tourism places which offers natural beauty of the lake. Bedugul area is part of the regency of Tabanan and is approximately 70 km or 2.5 hours from the International Airport, Ngurah Ra. It is located on the plateau, that’s why this area is always covered by the mist and the air is very cold. the scenery is very wonderful with a lake which is surrounded by mountains. This lake has a height of 1231 m above sea level, have an area 3.8 km2 and a maximum depth of 22 meters, the lake volume is 0.049 km3. The water of lake’s condition is good and the color is clear green because of the water plants which grow in the bottom of the lake and there is no rubbish on the surface of lake. The sky above the lake is covered by cloud on the day or night, the air feels so cool with the fragrance of incense from the temple. Sometimes, there are some musicians around the lake who sing special music to entertain the visitors. This lake also allows visitors to tour the water, such as jet skiing, parasailing, fishing, canoeing, water skiing, or just ride around the lake by boat.

  3. Cuban Rondo

    Cuban Rondo is a famous camp located in Pujon, a highland region of southern Malang, exactly in the top of mountain in that area. Because of its location, the weather is very cold and there are a lot of fog cover the area of mountain. The road is meander, up and down. This camp can be reached only about fifteen minutes from the downtown of Batu, the gateway of Malang Raya, and about three hours from Surabaya. Along the journey to Cuban Rondo, visitors (or usually called as campers) can enjoy the view of the villages from 1500 metres above sea level, especially when our vehicles uphill. Visitors can see the unique view of highland where the housing seem little from above. When visitors arrive in Cuban Rondo area, they would feel the very cold air so that visitors/campers should wear thick clothes (jacket, handgloves, etc.). When visitors enter the camping area, they would be welcomed by the row of high pine trees. The best time to camp here is on the afternoon when the view of the forest is very good with the effect of color’s gradation from the sunshine. Sunshine here is warm enough so that campers could enjoy the fresh weather. There are many people, both individually and collectively, set their own camps with campfire in the front of their camps. Usually, people who camp there collectively hold many events with their partners, friends, or families. One of the most popular is a ‘soldier night’ or ‘jurit malam’ in Indonesian where some campers have a night adventure by exploring the wide area of the forest. Campers who have the night adventure should search the clues to find the way they would go. This activity is very exciting and challenging because they can improve their instinct and compactness. Besides that, campers also can play together in their camp with exciting games or playing music together. But the main attraction is visiting the waterfall because it’s far enough from the camp, about 10 miles away. It’s absolutely tiring and challenging, but if campers do it together, it would be fun. In addition, before reach the waterfall campers should cross six rivers whose very cold and swift that require us to be careful. The Cuban Rondo waterfall is very cold but beautiful because of the scenery around it. The waterfall’s situation is still natural and clean thus everybody who visits it feel very comfortable and enjoy.

    Septian Bayu P.


    If you ever go to Batu, you definitely won’t miss a visit to Jatim-Park, a town icon which offers a mix of both educational and recreational tourism place. It is located at the slope of Panderman mountain, an hour’s drive from the center of Malang City. The weather is a little bit cold there, as it has height two times higher than Malang. So, it’s become a suitable place for people who come from hot town for relaxing.
    Right after entering the area, you’ll find a really huge parking lot, which can accomodate more than fifty big-buses in one time. You can see a big-written of Jatim-Park with Panderman Mountain as background from there. You can enjoy this perfect view while you are deeply inhaling the infinite pleasure of pure oxygen into your lung. It can be another sensation while you are waiting for the Jatim Park’s open time at 9 o’clock.
    As soon as you go inside, you will see a lot of educational galleries such as Indonesian art, present technology, science, and animal diorama. There is also a learning stage gallery for approximately 300 students. It shows amazing science and technology practicum, makes us more love with our forbidden subject, Physic. 🙂
    After enjoying and learning some educational galleries, it’s time for playing. Many kids run and shout like a paranoiac to see a blue calm water at the front, while their mother are tired enough to chase and warn them for not playing too far. Some adult have no sad expression, they’re really enjoy Roller-coaster and Tornado, just like having a shout competition when it goes down with maximum speed. There is also a Haunted-House that has many ghost imitations inside to scare someone who enters. They are Kuntilanak, Tuyul, and many other Indonesian ghosts that make your heart’s drumming. After having a nightmare, you can spell your adrenalin in a race circuit. You can play Go-Kart by paying another 20,000 rupiahs for each session. Other interesting places are Houses of insects, fishes, and reptiles.There, you can find various and rare species of animals that can make you admire some God’s creation. In the last place, you will find a souvenir shop. It sells some goods like bags, glasses, wallets, and purses in a brand of Jatim-Park®. There is also a shop for selling some fruits, taken from Batu agriculture.
    Finally, you can leave Jatim-Park with a smile on yor face, and get a story to be told to the others.
    That is Jatim-Park, the biggest tourism place in East Java.

    Faiz Akbar Leksananda

    The Everlasting Beauty

    A few years ago, I visited one of the best tourism object in Indonesia, that was Karaton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat or well known as Keraton Yogya. Keraton Yogya located in the heart of Yogyakarta, just a few minutes from Malioboro. This historic building was built by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I since 1755 and used as the palace and also the house of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono, the king of The Yogyakarta Sultanate.

    Physically, Keraton Yogya consist of eight parts. They were Bangsal Pagelaran, Siti Hinggil Ler, Kamandhungan Ler, Sri Manganti, Kedhaton, Kamagangan, Kamandungan Kidul and Siti Hinggil Kidul.

    In the past, Bangsal Pagelaran used by the soldiers to met Sultan, but now beside traditional ceremony, Bangsal Pagelaran also use to held tourism or religious events. In Bangsal Pagelaran, we can hear a great sound of Gamelan while seeing a diorama which show Javanese traditional cloth.

    In the south of Bangsal Pagelaran, there was Siti Hinggil Ler. Siti Hinggil Ler usually use to held an official ceremony of Keraton. In December 14, 1949, Siti Hinggil Ler used to launched Gadjah Mada University. Siti Hinggil Ler has a great ornament. There are so many basrelief which the colours was mostly gold, green and red. We will smell a strong jasmine’s smell around when we are here.

    Kamandhungan Ler is the next part of Keraton Yogya. In the past, it used by Sultan to give punishment (especially death penalty) to the criminals.

    Next of Kamandhunagn Ler, there was Sri Manganti. In the past, it used as a guestroom for special delegation of the kingdom, but now it used to save the Royal Heirlooms such as Gamelan.

    The next part is Kedhaton. This is the main part of Keraton Yogya. Kedhaton divided into three parts, they were Pelataran Kedhaton which is special for Sultan, Keputren for the wife and daughters, and Kesatriyan for the Sultan’s son.

    After Kedhaton, there was Kamagangan. In he past, Kamagangan used to receive the employee candidate (Abdi Dalem Magang).

    Next of Kamagangan, there was Kamandungan Kidul with the main parts is Bangsal Kamandhungan. Some people said that Bangsal Kamandhungan origin from Pandak Karang Nangka, near Sokawati where Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I stayed during the war.

    The last part is Siti Hinggil Kidul or well known as Sasana Hinggil Dwi Abad. In the past, Siti Hinggil Kidul used by Sultan for watching the soldiers preparing Grebeg ceremony, watching the combat between a man and a tiger (Rampogan), and also used by female soldiers (Langen Kusumo) to practice. Siti Hinggil Kidul also became the beginning of burial ceremony for Sultan who has passed away to Imogiri. Nowdays, Siti Hinggil Kidul use to held Wayang Kulit Show, exhibition, etc.

    Finally, I conclude that Keraton Yogya is one of the best tourism object that I ever visited. Because, beside watching a great traditional Javanese architectur building, I also can learn more about the history especially history of Keraton Yogya itself. I can enrich my experiences and amusing myself here. So I suggest you to take Keraton Yogya onto your Holiday’s list. Because I’m sure you’ll never regret of it.

    Let’s go to Yogya !
    Let’s go on vacation in our own country, Indonesia !



    Parang Tritis is one of the most beautiful beach in Java Island. It located in Center of Java, around 27 kilometers from the city center. This beach have many attraction. The primary attraction is its natural view. The enchantment of the coastal scenery can be seen from different angles to give you different experiences. When you are standing at the seashore, you will see the wide ocean with the high waves and steeply mountainside on the east side. When you get there at the dusk, you can see the beautiful view of sunset. It is one of the beautiful natural charm that God have. You can get the view from the site, just walk or rent the horse-cart westwards and you look southwards when you have reached the beach. You may get to the place by riding a horse that you rent at negotiable price. If you feel thirsty and hungry after surrounding the beach, you can layover and buy some food and drinks in the food stall in the edge of the beach. There are many food that they offer, for example gudeg, the typical food from Yogyakarta. But if you don’t like gudeg you can order the other food that you like. Don’t worry because they have many menu that they offer. After finishing your eat you can stay in the flights there. There are so many flights there, from the smallest till the largest one. But if you don’t want to stay at flights, you can go outside the beach, take the bus to the city center, and then you can find some hotel there.


  7. #Wonderful Summer at the Jungmun Beach ^-^

    It’s imperfect if we take a vacation in Jeju Island without visit Jungmun Beach, one of the greatest place to relax especially during the summer. Yeah, summer is the right moment for beach. To see the bright sky, the beautiful ocean, and the shiny white sands. Jungmun Beach is one of the many attractions of this beautiful island-province. Located in southern extreme in South Korea, exactly within the Jungmun Tourist Complex in the city of Seogwipo, Jeju province. Only two kilometres from the city’s center and will take about 40 minutes from Jeju city or 20 minutes from Seogwipo by the bus. On hot summer days, white sands greet the eyes combined with the wide blue ocean and green plants propagate, complete the splendid view of beach which wrapped in a sparkling white sand which warm the soles of our feet as we ran along the coastline accompanied with the sound of crashing waves.

    The Jungmun beach is famous for being filled with fine white sand that also called Jinmosal by the locals which looks so unique because it is contain a commimgling of sands of several other colors like black, red, and grey. Different shades of that colors are beautifully mixed into the white sand so it helps to accentuate Jeju-do Island’s black Hyeonmuam stones that spread among the sands in the seaside. The white sandy beach curved like a bow, stretches to a length of 560 meters along the island’s coast and has an average depth of 1,2 meters. So it is suitable for play or soak in the sand that many people say can cure the neuralgia disease. There are many springs that can find around the beach and also the turbulent water that steals attention of the visitors to do some water sports like windsurfing and water skiing.

    From the east or the left side we will be treated to stunning view of the black basalt rocks and at the east end of Jungmun Beach there is the black rocky cliffs called Jusangjeolli or hexagonal rock columnns because it has columnar shape which extending for approximately 2 kilometers between Jungmun and Daepo coastline. Meanwhile, there is high moss-covered steep lava cliff divided by a small waterfall in the middle of beach. To the right side there is a cliff which is covered with various rare plant, enabling you to observe the local ecosystem. Then a natural sea cave called Haesikgul cave which one of the most famous among many naturals formations but you should be carefull because the path is very rocky. Also the beautiful and luxurious view of five-star hotels that can be seen along the right side of the Jungmun Beach.
    Because of its breathtaking scenery, this area becomes popular place for filming movies, television dramas, and commercials, and also as a romantic destination.

    And it is an unwritten requirement to taste the special culinary in that place. There are restaurants near the beach that offer various type of Jeju’s traditional food like Abalone porridge, which has a delicious smell of sesame mixed with shellfish and seaweed that will never make regret to eat, also Patbingsu, Korean distinctive dessert, which so popular on hot summer days because of its sweet and cold taste, and Sea Cucumber, an interesting culinary of Seogwipo that usually ready serve in fresh. It because people in Seogwipo like to eat something in a raw state. Such an unforgettable moment to spend the end of a summer day with enjoy the delicious dishes, while seeing the waves that are rolling from the Pacific ocean which is blend with the chilly wind breezes and watching the magnificent sunset when the evening comes. ^-^


  8. Tomb of Sunan Giri

    When you follow a religious tourist the Nine Wali, of course you will visit the Tomb of Sunan Giri because it is one of the the Nine Wali, the Tomb of Sunan Giri is located in the village of Giri, Kebomas District, in the City of Gresik and exactly located on the top of Giri Hill, Tomb of Sunan Giri is one of the most visited religious tourism, for example during month of Nisfu Sya’ban many people who visit the graves of the Wali such as Sunan Giri and others to seek a blessing or just want to read the Al Qur’an.

    When you enter the complex of the Tomb of Sunan Giri, you will be greeted with two Dragon Statue which was once a real dragon which functioning to protect the Kingdom of Giri, but one day when they were just struck by a very large lightning and turned to stone. Inside the Tomb of Sunan Giri complex you can see many graves of relatives and children of Sunan Giri such as Sunan Kulon, Sunan Kidul, etc.

    Once you turn to the tomb of Sunan giri you will feel a different air with outside air, because each tomb of the Wali have different air just as the Tomb of Maulana Malik Ibrahim (Sunan Gresik) when you enter the tomb complex, you will feel that something was watching you and sometimes you will feel goosebumps. At the back of the Tomb of Sunan Giri you can see very beautiful natural view of the Giri Hill and the wind that blows of Giri also very cold at the time of the afternoon.

    That is the tomb of Sunan giri,the one of the Nine Wali tomb.


  9. The Beauty of Little Beach, White Sand Beach Delgan

    Unlike another beach locations. The Location of the beauty of little beach a little hidden from sight. well, that’s white sand beaches Delgan. So, if we want to go there we must pass through a narrow road with a row houses that lined the street. Approximately 1.5 km from the main road, we will see a entrance gate which signifies that we have arrived in the area of tourism white sand beach Delgan. Before going in, we had to buy tickets. Purchase booth right next to the gate entrance, at a price of 4000 rupiah for adults and 3,000 rupiah for children.

    when we first set foot in the entrance gate. The first thing that we see is a white sand that spread everywhere. In addition we can also hear the sound waves. We also can feel the cool when the wind blow , and also could smell the salty sea water. White sand beach Delgan absolutely amazing. Perhaps of the beauty and low prices, Many people choose white sand beach Delgan as a vacation spot.

    Fauziyatun Ni’mah


    On my vacation to Malang six months ago, I visited Jawa Timur Park, the biggest recreation park in Jawa Timur. It is a tourism object which offers both recreation and education in one place. It is located at slope of Panderman Mount exactly on Jalan Kartika 2 Batu, Malang. This tourism object is about 22 hectares width and 850 metres above sea surface. Entering the area, you will see a huge parking lot which can hold many cars, buses and other vehicles in one time. Just after pass entrance gate, you will find a lot of educational galleries such as Galeri Etnik Nusantara, Anjungan Jawa Timur, and Taman Sejarah which will show you kinds of culture in Indonesia. Beside that, you can learn more about science in Galeri Belajar indoor and outdoor which show a lot of technology and science models. Done with education part, we go to the recreation part. You can try at least 36 playing vehicles in Jatim Park. If you want to spur on your adrenaline, you can try Star Chase, Flying Tornado, Aero Test etc. You can play Go Kart by paying IDR 20.000 for a session if you want to test your racing skill. There is also Ghost House that has many frighten imitation ghosts inside. You can also try Rumah Pipa which will make you wet while you finding a way out of it. If you want to watch a short film, you can go to 4D cinema. Here you will enjoying a 4D film for 15 or 20 minutes. There are some new playing vehicles in Jatim Park, one of them is Sky Swinger. In this vehicle, you will swing up to 32 metres high and you can see the beauty of Malang City. You can also feel the fresh mountain air from this altitude. Tired of walking and playing, you can find so many restaurants which served so many kinds of food and drink too. The foods and drinks taste good but a bit expensive. While you enjoying your food, you can hear sounds of water splash and children playing and swimming from swimming pool below the restaurant. When you on your way out from Jatim Park, you will pass souvenir shops and fruit market which sell so many kinds of souvenirs from Jatim Park or Malang. This is a really great place for refreshing with friends or family.


  11. When I was on vacation to some tourist attractions in the jember, there is one place that can attract my attention is the beauty of Watu Ulo beach.
    Watu Ulo beach has natural beauty of the beach and sea. Hot weather, breezes, and the whisper of the waves are calm enough not to make the weary travelers to enjoy the beauty of the beach. As evidence of many tourists who play and swim at the shoreline.
    When we arrived at the location of the beach, white sand will again greet our arrival. When in Watu Ulo beach, we not only can walk along the white sand. By renting a sailboat, we can get around the shores of the sea. Looking down the sea, we can also see the beauty beneath the sea from the top of a sailboat. Coral reefs and underwater natural state beautify the state. Another beauty is also evident in the towering rocks on the edge or middle of the sea that makes us want to hunt photos.
    If we want to see the natural phenomenon of sunrise or sunset when in Jember, East Java, Watu Ulo beach was the one who can be an option.


  12. Kenjeran Beach
    Kenjeran is one of the beachs which placed in east java, Kenjeran divided to be two places the old kenjeran and new kenjeran. In the new kenjeran besides beach it self you can find another place to enjoy your time, you can swim in kenjeran’s pool and next to the pool there are motorcycle track, you can see motorcycle racing in there. Sometime in new kenjeran you can see and hear music concert on its yard. The bad thing from this place is there are many couples who flirt in there and that’s make the visitor doesn’t feel comfort when visit this place another bad thing is less of light so you have to keep careful when visit this place in the night. The new kenjeran is different with old kenjeran , in old kenjeran you can’t see much entertainment spot, in old kenjeran there are any playground and gazebo which stand on sand, but the gazebo is already weak so you have to be careful when walk on it, besides that there are some fisherman boat. From old kenjeran we can see sunset and sunrise too although the sun isn’t good enough if we look from there. There are some bad thing too, you can see if you visit there, the sand in there isn’t clean enough.

    M Septian Eka Budi S

  13. When I go for sightseeing in the downtown of Sidoarjo I always stop and visit the Suncity ,one of the biggest entertainment and shopping center in Sidoarjo.There are Suncity Waterpark;Giant Hypermarket,shops and restaurant inside the Suncity Sidoarjo.After entering the parking fee post ,we will see pizza restaurant on the right side,so we can smell the aroma of pizza.Furthermore,there is Suncity Waterpark which the building looks like Egyptian style and we can hear screams of laughter inside of the waterpark.Next to the waterpark is Giant Hypermarket.We can go for shopping or just window shopping.In the front of Giant Hypermarket is Tropiz restaurant. In the right corner of the Suncity Sidoarjo are shops such as baby shops and boutiques.

    NIM :121112057


    Sarangan is a touristm object that has many attraction. Sarangan Lake is located on the border of East Java and Central Java, on the slopes of Lawu mountain. This lake is about 30 hectares vast and a depth of 28 meters. Sarangan has a cold temperature, about 18-23 celcius.
    During the journey to the lake, you can enjoy the scenery of the mountain slopes and vegetable plantations owned by local residents. In rainy weather, fog usually blanketed down the road and make visibility become closer as it is covered by fog.

    Sarangan scenery is very charming. You can see a vast lake surrounded by the green mountains with a calm lake water becomes a mirror of the surrounding mountains. You can also smell the distinctive fragrance from a row of pine trees on the slopes of the mountains around the lake accompanied by the sound of bird squeaks.
    The main attraction at this place is a tour around the lake. You can drive a boat, duck boat, or riding horses that offered by the local residents. Visitor who want to exercise, can enjoy the sarangan lake by walk or run. The boat in this lake is very unique because it is painted with the image of certain product such as XL, Simpati,or television programs such as the fear factor.

    After tired of traveling, you can enter the food stalls along the edge of lake that mostly sell rabbit satay. These food is a specialty of Sarangan. You have to try this menu because it is rarely found in other places, the meat is tender, its delicious and sweet sauce makes a lot of people addicted. Another menu that’s offered here is “pecel madiun” which presented with various options of side dishes. Surely it would be very nice to enjoy a savory and spicy pecel sauce and the beautiful scenery of Sarangan lake at the same time.

    Not far from the lake, you can find tourism market which sells vegetables and fruits. There are also small shops that sell t-shirts, bags,shoes and other accessories inscribed with words “Telaga Sarangan”.
    Finally, I can conclude Sarangan is one of the most beautiful place in my region.


  15. Senggigi Beach

    Lombok Island could be said as a wonderful place for tourism object. As we know, Senggigi Beach is one of the popular place to visit. It is 12 kilometers from northwest of Mataram City. Directly over looking the sea towards the strait of Lombok, Senggigi Beach became one of the center of the nautical tourism. Waves of the sea is calm and the sand is brown. The blue water could be a fun place to swim while enjoying views of Mount Agung which visible from this place. Not only that, the beach that stretches nearly 10 kilometers has a fresh air. We can do many activity such as swim, sunbathe, snorkeling, diving, or just play and make sand castles. The natural charm is more perfect when dusk come. The sun light presents a red color and slowly getting dark when the sun sink. This scenery make Senggigi looks fabulous and romantic. If you done with your activity at the beach, Senggigi offers you many restaurant, bar, and hotel. There are also three small island that can be visited, There are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Just disconnect from everyday life and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of bliss and relaxation.

    Putri Rizka Utami

  16. Batu night spectaculer or BNS is a very intersting recreation place in batu city . it is located in the oro-oro ombo village batu city located on 680-1200 meters above the sea with average air temperature of 15-19 degrees Celsius and arounded by mountains . Trip to BNS by car or motorcycle needs less then fifteen minutes from the downtown. BNS is a recreation family place can be enjoyed at night, open at three evening until twelve night. In BNS available many games that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. BNS serves a variety of games that can be enjoyed for all members of your family. There are many games can be enjoyed like a ghost gallery, slalom test, air bicycles, garden lanterns and trampoline. In BNS attractions can also test your adrenaline by trying some interesting rides, like a drag race, mouse coaster, and other games. Many vehicles are specially for children like a kids zone consisting of twentyfive kinds. it is a great recreation family place for refreshing.

    Dany Setiawan

  17. The Enchantment of Anyer Beach

    Long time ago, I visited one of beautiful beach in Indonesia named Anyer Beach. It was a very long long time ago, but there are a lot of unforgettable memories in my mind because of the enchanting scenery from this beach.
    Anyer is a beach town in Banten. It is located at Anyer, 38 km from Serang City and about 120km from Jakarta with a travel time of about two hours.
    Anyer beach has many unique enchantments. Its white sands amaze many tourists. They are so pure, we can feel the softness of the sands. The deep blue sea attracts many divers around the world because its various sea lives are so completely perfect. The sea breeze and the typical smell from it can make visitors’ mind fresh, out of stress and enjoy. Sunrise and sunset is also one of the beautiful moment that can’t be missed.
    You can do a lot of activities here such as sunbathing, swimming or diving, and any other water sport activities. You can also rent a bike for around Anyer Beach while searching for interesting scenery to be photographed.
    A lot of hotels, resorts, cottages, and villas with a various types can be tourist best choices to stay. Various other facilities are also available in this area, such as restaurants, gifts and souvenirs store, children’s playground and many other facilities that you may need.

  18. Sarangan Lake

    If you ever visited Magetan, don’t forget to visit Sarangan Lake. It’s located about 15km from Magetan city on the Lawu mountain. it’s broad is about 30 hectares and it’s depth is 28 metres. It’s cold there, you’ll need some jacket to stay warm. there are many shop which sell souvenir and culinary. You’ll see some people riding horse around that place also smell a bad odor from it’s poop. In the lake, we can use speedboat to look around the lake. It will cost about 60.000 IDR. As we walk in, we’ll smell such a delicious smell from rabbit’s sate from the food’s stall. You have to give it a try if you go there. It’s different from any sate. It’s sweet and the texture is so soft.

    Edwin Adhityawan Hidayat

  19. Batu Secret Zoo

    Last holiday, I visited batu secret zoo, the modern beautiful zoo in east java. I went there with my family. The weather is cold and you can feel the wind as it is blowing. It is a wonderful zoo with the modern style. You can see it from the architecture of the building. It is red-coloured and minimalist. When you first see, you won’t realize that you are in Indonesia. It feels like you are in Australian or another country. The atmosphere is like we are in a zoo overseas. When entering the gate, you will see big zebra and cow sculptures. People usually don’t want to loose a chance to take picture with them. Unlike another zoo in Indonesia, batu secret zoo has more unique animal. We can see many animals that we have never seen before. Just like the name, we can see many secret animals. As you walk, you can hear the groan of the animal. Not only animals that we can see, but we can also take picture with a huge kingkong sculpture and enjoy the other animal sculpture. There is a playground for kids too. At the It is a large zoo with many entertain facilities. So we won’t get bored when we walk through. Before the exit gate, there is a diorama about the animal that mixed with the movie character, madagascar and god must be crazy. And there is a small stall that we can buy foods and beverages there. Beside the zoo, there is a unique restaurant. The name of the restaurant is jungle restaurant. When we have a lunch we can see the lion directly from the restaurant that is seperated by a glass. It’s nice to have a holiday there.

    Fadhila nur kartika

  20. Kakek Bodo Waterfall

    A few years ago, I’ve ever gone to Kakek Bodo waterfall by motorcycle with my friends. I went there on weekend. But, not many people who go there.

    You know Kakek Bodo waterfall is located on Tretes, near from Pasuruan. Actually, this place is in plateau. So that’s why the weather is cold and you need a jacket to warm your body. To enter this place, you have to buy a ticket. Its cost is Rp 5.000,-. But, if you want to swim in the swimming pool you have to pay it more. About 45 minutes a trip from welcome gates and the waterfall. During the trip, you’ll find a steep road with many rocks and stairs. Also, there are monkeys and peanuts seller in the near small mosque. You can buy a peanuts to feed the monkeys. But, you have to be careful because monkeys can take everything that you bring. From the distances, you can hear a sound of waterfall. It looks very close, but it doesn’t. There are many springs that come out from anywhere. It can be easily retrieved and drink immediately. In the end of this trip is the waterfall. Its high is about 40 meters. It spout colors of the rainbow. You can take a photo and play with a cold water. So natural and fresh place. Don’t miss any spot that you can use.

    • Kakek Bodo Waterfall

      A few years ago, I’ve ever gone to Kakek Bodo waterfall by motorcycle with my friends. I went there on weekend. But, not many people who go there.

      You know Kakek Bodo waterfall is located on Tretes, near from Pasuruan. Actually, this place is in plateau. So that’s why the weather is cold and you need a jacket to warm your body. To enter this place, you have to buy a ticket. Its cost is Rp 5.000,-. But, if you want to swim in the swimming pool you have to pay it more. About 45 minutes a trip from welcome gates and the waterfall. During the trip, you’ll find a steep road with many rocks and stairs. Also, there are monkeys and peanuts seller in the near small mosque. You can buy a peanuts to feed the monkeys. But, you have to be careful because monkeys can take everything that you bring. From the distances, you can hear a sound of waterfall. It looks very close, but it doesn’t. There are many springs that come out from anywhere. It can be easily retrieved and drink immediately. In the end of this trip is the waterfall. Its high is about 40 meters. It spout colors of the rainbow. You can take a photo and play with a cold water. So natural and fresh place. Don’t miss any spot that you can use.

      Riza Ramadianti

  21. Prigi Beach

    Prigi beach is beautiful beach in Tulungagung. From Kediri is three hours. Prigi is not far from bat cave may be fifteen minute from bat cave to prigi beach. The situation is crowded because many people bring their child to the beach.
    The scenery is interesting. When the water sea is decrease the coral is visible. So, if we want to see the water we must walk to center go by walk on coral. The wave is massive and the air is fresh. The sand is white and soft. Many tradesman sell drink and food in beach bank.

  22. Saung Angklung Udjo

    Saung Angklung Udjo is cultural workshop in Bandung. It consist of souvenir center, art perfomance, banquet, and academic class of artand culture.
    The banquet is an interesting diorama of Sundanese Village. Which contains guesthouse, venue, and teditional foodand beverages.
    The art performance presents bamboomusical instrument, traditional dance, and orchestra.Bamboo musical instrument plays several genres of music from traditional or modern music. the traditional dance is performed by children and teenagers.
    The orchestra is angklung orchestra, so the main instrument of music is angklung. beside that, there is souvenir center which sells stationery accessories, angklung, calung, arumba, and many more. The price is standard so, you can buy as many as you can.
    In Saung Angklung Udjo, there is academic class to learn about traditional dance, pencak silat, angklung, karawitan, and many more.

  23. The Great of Karimunjawa

    Natural scenic beauty such as coral reefs, seaweed, and seagrass beds with diverse marine life, mangrove forest, mountain and lowland tropical forest remaining, all in an unspoiled stretch of islands making karimunjawa as Marine National Park. The islands are administratively a district of Jepara, it’s located about 45 miles northwest of Jepara. The total area is 107,225 hectare, most of them are the oceans (100,105 ha), and large the land area is 7120 ha. This area is influenced by tropical sea breezes that blow through out the day with an average temperatures of 26 until 30 degrees Celsius, with a minimum temperature is 22 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature is 34 degrees Celsius.

    The wealth of flora and fauna makes it so fascinating Publications. This area has some kind of flora ecosystems, for example the ecosystem of coral reefs, mangrove forests (seagrass beds), coastal forests,and lowland forests. On the other hand, this area also have varied fauna, such as long-tailed monkeys and deers. Moreover, in this location there is also a rare species of fauna on the Geleang and Burung island, such as the sea eagle with white chest and two species of sea turtles, the hawksbill and green turtles.

    Mardani Abdillah

  24. ‘Tapres’ the Freshness in Surabaya

    In big cities like Surabaya that have high levels of pollution problems it needs park to reduce the pollution, ‘Taman Prestasi’ or ‘Tapres’ is one of parks in Surabaya that can to visited. Located on Ketabang Kali street, Tapres become one of tourism object. It has wide area and many big trees. The air is very good and fresh because it has many big trees, so the oxygen circulation is good. First time we entered Tapres, we can see Panglima Sudirman’s monument in the middle of park. Walk to the right side of park, we can see many child play happily in playground. Also, we can jogging in jogging track and if we lucky we can meet some of little monkey. Walk following the track, we through the quay. At quay, we can tour Kalimas river by boat or we can exercise with dragon boat. We can see, the back side from governor office in quay. After that, go straight ahead until left side of park. We can see the symbol of Tapres, it is a monument of Plane. It has 2 big tires and looks strong. And the end of our tour, we can try some food at foodcourt and it have a good taste and cheap price.


  25. Kuta Beach

    A tourist place located south of Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, Indonesia. Located 1.5 km from Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport and can be reached by 5 minutes and 20 minutes from downtown denpasar.Pantai kuta beach has a length of approximately 1500m.

    This beach is often visited by tourists from around the world. Is arguably one of the main attraction for tourists to visit Bali. Perhaps because it is often visited Kuta Beach looks a little dirty. But it was not a problem, because we can see the beautiful sunrise and sunset.
    There we will feel the air temperature is quite warm and the sunlight that can discolor the skin. But it was an attraction for foreign tourists to sunbathe.
    Sea waves at Kuta beach is often used to surf by the tourists.
    Around the Kuta beach there are many shops, and places to eat.

    Hazmi Putra K.N

  26. Borobudur Temple

    I have visited Borobudur temple three times. I never get bored of it. It’s a huge temple with beautiful scenery around of it. It’s not a suprise that it is one of the 7 wonders in the world. You can see the view of Magelang city when you reach the top of the temple. You can meet so many foreigners there, most of them are doing some research about the history of Borobudur but some are just enjoy the beauty of the temple. You have to hike the temple step to step on one huge ladder in the middle of it. it’s very crowded so you must be careful in order to not get slipped. When you enter the gate, you can see so many souvenir sellers sell stuff like keychain, replica of Borobudur, pens, car sticker, and so many others. After that you walk through the brick road with tidy and clean green grass beside it. It’s really cold in the morning, you must wear at least a jacket if you don’t want to catch cold. In the noon, it’s super duper hot, it feels like you’re boiled alive; the condition is really different.
    You can see Borobudur comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. A main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupa. People believe if you can touch the statue inside the stupa, your wish will become true. It’s really hard to reach inside it, you must have a really long hand to do it. I reached one of it and I was happy until I forgot to make a wish -_-.
    It’s highly recommended for you who want to spend a holiday with some new experiences. It’s really educative and fun.

    Kartika Widya

  27. During my last weekend i have visited some place called “ngliyep beach”. Ngliyep beach has beautiful rocky beach at the southern part of Malang, where gigantic waves meet coral reef. When I was there, i saw that it has an island with a lush green tropical shore-forest and it is giving more enchantment to the beach. This beach is provided with some facilities such as: stalls, souvenir shop, inns, etc. Don’t worry if you didnt bring much money, cause the food in there was cheap. I bought a chiken noodle and it was 3.500 IDR.

    Ngliyep beach has a very beautiful scenery. it was like a virgin beach, cause no one there and it still clear. The color of the sand was black, but not dirty. I slept on it cause I was tire. The weather is windy. So, it was cool to be there.

    Ngliyep beach lies at Kedungsalam village, Donomulyo district, about 62 km a way to the south from Malang. Visit Ngliyep beach and enjoy its wonderful waves. The visitors can swimming, sun banthing, or fishing here, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of it.


  28. Puhsarang church, this church is located in Puhsarang village, Semen district of Kediri, that’s why it is called Puhsarang Church. The location is 10 km in western Kediri City. This old church had built by Ir. Heendricus Maclaine on behalf of pioneer Mr. Yohanes Humbertus Wolters CM in 1931. The architecture is collaboration between European and Majapahit, combination with other local cultures and Christianity. The first establishment of the complex is the “Antique Church”, Puhsarang Church. The structure of the church has unique architectural style form and we can see unique full-scale sculptures of Lord Jesus and the people on the way of cross. If we look at this church so far, it is like a ship from a mountain, which is describing the rescue Noah prophet’s story and his passengers. The buildings in the church area are built from the massive stones, which are taken from materials surrounding the tourism area. The tourism facilities are parking area, hotel, cottages, and home stay, souvenir kiosk, and Kediri special food.

    The tourism object of Puh Sarang Church ST. Josef gate along with Henricus Tower is the main entrance to Puhsarang Church. Bentar Temple, Tower Bell and a relief as well are built to describe Adam’s falling in sin. The main building has roof likes Copula or Dome consists of Altar and Kudos, Sacrament, Baptism, Sacristy, and the place to admit sin. This building made from stone that is adhesive without cement but using Tetes. The roof of building is supported by spread out wire steel without laths and rafter, so if there is a wind it will make a special sound.

    Maria Lourdes Cave along with Maria statue is a replica of Maria Lourdes from France. It was built in 1998. The location of this cave becomes a central sacred on the night before Kliwon Friday night. The central location of this cave is crowed by at least 10.000 people from Local, Regional, National, or abroad. In the west location of Maria Lourdes cave, there is a pure waterfall, which radiated from a mountain stonewall can be beneficial to visitors.

    The Rosario Cottage is describing a Jesus Christ journey to heaven. The Golgotha crucify hill way is describing a Jesus Christ journey until crucifixion. The Columbarium storage dust corpses place, The Kana park, The land Lahore camp hill, To enter that location, the local government opens the access 8 meters wide, so the society will enter that place in comfortable feeling.

    stefanus satria .b

  29. Few week ago, i go to Maharani Cave. It is located in Tanjung Kodok sea tourism area, Paciran district Lamongan regency, about 200 m from Tanjung Kodok gateway fringe the roadway to east. About 50 m in the south of the street, there is stone that its soil is tire to form the bank that has downwards. Here, some labourers had mine the coral soil, phosphate material and dolomite fertilizer that had sold out of Paciran region. On this area, is a countryside road, which is the footpath, and every day passed by non irrigated dry field farmers, the stone mineworker workers, also once in a while is crowded passed the boy scouts who performing a camp around the area.

    This Maharani Cave found by 4 labourers who being led by Mr. Sugeng. This cave had found on 6 Augusts 1992. The name of this cave had selected by the situation of the beautiful cave like a palace from a beautiful queen. Before the invention, one of the members, had dream, she had met with a beautiful woman who had a beautiful as the property of a queen that called Maharani. The queen seems to be a head time door of the cave that had found. The name of this empress has specified by the fact of this cave condition. In platform of the cave named Paseban Maharani, there is stone which has crown form, the property of a queen, which named “Selo Mahkota Maharani”. This beautiful cave room also alike an empire palace of subterranean that is full of graven pillar and roof.

    The situation of the nature cave of Maharani Palace is stay at 200 m from Java seashore residing in Tanjung Kodok area, Paciran district, Lamongan regency. This cave is easily to visit and fluent to obtain the transportation towards to the location.

    bayu prakasa

  30. Madiun Square

    There are so many tourism places in my current city Madiun, such mountaineering at Lawu, Sarangan Lake, Ngebel Lake, and so many cultures we could find in this city. When I went back to this city sometime ago, I saw everything has changed. I can see there in the downtown, there is beautiful place in the corner of it, mentioned Madiun Square. It is so many differences with long time ago in that place, now it has built more beautiful and so artistic, no more PKL inside of, the nice park and so many nice trees and plants inside also.

    We would find so crowded when it was weekend, at Saturday night, many families visit to this place, also many couples too. They could buy many kinds of food, just walking inside, or looking around. At Sunday, the activities begin early morning, we will see peoples jogging, ride a bicycle, or some exercise. For me even it is just a square, it is one of the nice place in my city, when I come to this city from my journey, I will come to this place firstly, I will chose this one.

    Yusufa C A

  31. Celebrating my friend’s birthday (funny moment)

    I have a friend, she’s adorable .. haha. I always laugh when I remember my friend’s birthday. At that time, a sunny Sunday, but the rain came. We don’t care about the rain. Secretly I’m with all my friends prepare a surprise for my friend. Before the pickles in the beginning, we attended our friend’s party first. But, this different party. There was quite exciting party, but we feel definitely more exciting surprises for our female friends. After attending a friend’s party, we are poised to surprise our women friends. One of our friends brought a birthday cake with quitely Our female friends feel suspicious of our movements, we must pretend that nothing is hidden. Unfortunately, her knows our plans. All of our plans going mess up and she became moody. She went to home by herself. One of our friends tried to convince her, if there are no surprises for her. At that moment, we gave a surprise by throwing cake to her. Our friend’s face was seen smiling. Our hearts were glad. Even our clothes become stained with the cake, we feel happy and satisfied ..

    After successfully making a surprise, we all prayed for her.

    hahaha .. very funny moments ..: D



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